Jérôme-Martin Langlois

French, Neoclassicism


Born:March 11, 1779; Paris, France

Died:December 28, 1838

Known for:painting


Jerome-Martin Langlois(11 March 1779 – 28 December 1838) was a FrenchNeoclassical stylepainter. He was trained by painterJacques-Louis Davidand he was a Knight of theLegion of Honour.

He was born in Paris on 11 March 1779. His father (Jerome Langlois) was aminiature painter.He received his training in the studio of Jacques-Louis David, (the leading Neoclassical French painter) and became one of his favorite students. The two artists worked together on several important paintings, includingNapoleon crossing the Alps(now at theKunsthistorisches Museumin Vienna), in which Langlois painted the horse, and Leonidas at Thermopylae(Musee du Louvre, Paris).

Langlois won the second prize at thePrix de Romein 1805 and the first prize in 1809, moving to Rome in the 1810s. A preparatory drawing of the painting that granted him the first place (Priam aux pieds d'Achilles) is in the collection of theMusee Magninin Dijon, France. Since 1806 he regularly exhibited at theSalonuntil 1837, winning the second prize in 1817 and first prize in 1819. Langlois'sDiana and Endymionof 1822 was commissioned byLouis XVIIIfor his Salon of Diane at thePalace of Versailles. It was displayed at theMusée de Picardiefrom 1878 and has been missing sinceWorld War I.It may be in theprivate collectionof the American performer Madonna.In 1824 he was in Brussels, where he painted the portrait of Jacques-Louis David, which was exhibited in 1831.

In 1817 his painting Cassandra Imploring the Vengeance of Minerva Against Ajaxwas exhibited at the 1817 Paris Salon and earned a second-class medal.In 1819 his painting the Générosité d'Alexandrewas exhibited at the 1819 Salon and won a first-prize medal.[8]In 1822, he became a Knight of theLegion of Honour.